i have been to many support groups, conferences to hear how women were incorrectly diagnosed and how they could have been spared such tragic results.

i don't mean to scare you but knowledge is power.

again please listen to your gut and run to find answers..... Something does not sound right. generic viagra canada

wishing you all the best.

ll  an_223897 replied to 2010july's response: hello again, it has been a long 3 weeks. When i last posted, my ca-125 had soared to 339. They had me tested again after i posted, and 6 days later it was 647, an astronomical jump! Very long, upsetting, nerve-wracking story short, i was set up for a full hysterectomy for december 3rd. use viagra jelly The gyn/oncologist was very frustrated, and said that nothing that he saw on any scan or test correlated with the elevated ca-125, but that for peace of mind for me, he would do the surgery. He asked me if i would be upset at him, if he did the surgery and that wasn't the problem, and i told him that i would be grateful just to get it over with. viagra without prescription He decided to put me on flagyl and levaquin, super-strong antibiotics so that if there was infection, it would clear it up and then we would retest the ca-125. I was still uncomfortable and felt like i had cramps, but of course hadn't had a period in almost 10 months. The doctor also tried to get my insurance company to pay for a pet scan, but of course they wouldn't without a cancer diagnosis first. That of course, is ridiculous. I finally was so frustrated, upset, and scared that i self-paid for a pet scan. It showed... viagra for sale Absolutely nothing at all, anywhere. cheap generic viagra It was perfect. Expensive, but the best money i ever spent. So they rescheduled my surgery until after the first of the year, as the doctor felt the pet scan was conclusive for no cancer anywhere. Then thanksgiving week, i woke up and started a period that made up for the 10 months that i didn't have one. half pill of viagra Yikes, what a shock! Then had a colonoscopy/endoscopy a few days after it was over, and both were fine. So, yesterday i had another blood draw for ca-125, and just got the results. cheap viagra generic no prescription It is down to 109!! buy generic viagra That is still high, but has certainly gone in the right direction. cheap viagra online Wit. 1000 ways die too much viagra