G, maximum intensity projection, and volume rendering, according to their preferences. viagra normal dosage Each reader subjectively adjusts the 3d display parameters, including width, level, opacity, and brightness. order viagra online Previous section next section complications of urinary diversion because urinary diversion procedures are complex, early and late postsurgical complications are common, with the frequency of their occurrence varying according to the type of procedure performed. The potential complications of urinary diversion are summarized in table 2. Some complications (eg, wound infection) are easily diagnosed at physical examination, and imaging in such cases is unnecessary. However, ct is necessary for accurate diagnosis of most complications. View this table: in this window in a new window table 2. Complications of urinary diversion early complications early complications (complications that occur less than 30 days after surgery) include alterations of bowel motility, small-bowel obstruction, urinary leaks, collections, infections, and fistulas. Alterations in bowel function. —normal bowel function is commonly seen within 5 days after surgery. http://classicmotocrossimages.com/mbs-viagra-for-sale-generic-im/ If normal function is not restored, the most likely cause is either adynamic ileus or mechanical obstruction. Multidetector ct with multiplanar reformatting has high accuracy in depicting the cause of bowel obstruction (13). gold max viagra for women The use of oral contrast material is usually unnecessary in patients with this complication because gas and fluid in the bowel provide sufficient contrast. order viagra online from canada However, intravenous contrast material is useful because the enhancement patterns of the intestinal wall may allow the diagnosis of bowel ischemia associated with obstruction (14). Adynamic ileus is the most common bowel complication after urinary diversion surgery, and it affects 18%–23% of patients (15,16). order viagra It is characterized by uniformly dilated loops of small and large bowel with gas-fluid levels and by the absence of a visible cause of obstruction (fig 5). View larger version: in this window in a new window download as powerpoint slide figure 5. cheap viagra online â â intestinal subobstruction (partial obstruction) after ileal conduit construction in a patient with bladder exstrophy. Coronal ct image shows dilated fluid-filled small-bowel loops (white arrow) with a moderately collapsed distal ileum (long black arrow) and colon but does not depict the cause of obstruction. The presence of contrast material in the colon (short black arrow) is indicative of incomplete obstruction. viagra canada Adhesions were found at surgery. In the presence of a mechanical obstruction, by contrast, bowel loops with gas-fluid levels are visible in locations proximal to the site of obstruction, where an abrupt change in intestinal caliber is seen (17). viagra buy online germany Adhesive small-bowel obstruction near the enteroenteric anastomosis is the type of mechanical obstruction most frequently seen after surgery for urinary diversion (fig 5). A ct-based diagnosis of adhesive small-bowel obstr. can you buy viagra over the counter in london